Supernatural Fantasy, Eternal Youth by Alexander Williams

  • Independently published
  • Publishing Date December 2, 2018
  • Available on Amazon  
  • Supernatural Fantasy
  • Written By Alexander Williams 

“Stay away from the women with the beehive hairdo, she’ll eat you alive and pick her teeth with your bones”- Eternal Youth by Alexander Williams 

Caroline, a young women struggling with her mental health, escaping her world of addiction. She keeps herself confined to the room of the hostel she inhabitants. Her mind clouded with the medications prescribed to mask the voices and visions. Isolation is the only way she believes will keep her sane, or is it? When strange things start happening it may just be up to her to unravel the mystery and face her demons.

The book is written from multiple points of view. Along the way we meet and are allowed to explore the inner workings of various characters. In addition to Caroline, there is, Dayna a damaged woman living with her friend after escaping an abusive relationship. Broken and lonely she escapes her misery each night with borrowed clothes and strange men.

Lucy, with a privileged upbringing. Her parents are the typical “all about appearance” upper-class family, as long as their daughter appears to be the "perfect" child they are happy. Her sudden urge to break free of this image has her mother blaming it on her best friend Maxine from the wrong side of the tracks.

Maxine is a bookworm with a rebel persona and a heart of gold. Despite her less than perfect home life. She remains strong, level headed and the most stable person in Lucy’s life.

We also meet Emily a young lady struggling between finding love and escape the grasp of her overbearing abusive mother.

Charlie a man struggling with taking care of his frail wife Rose and his contempt with aging and Eve a nurse with not the most pleasant bedside manner.

It's a Paranormal Fantasy with suspense, hints of horror, drama, and excitement. It's a self-published book, which I love, it lacks the polishing of having a professional editor though. it has some minor typos. I really and this is just a personal preference wish it had chapters. That's just me I love when books have chapters and quotes. despite all that I loved it.

I found the characters very relatable in so many ways. I've been most of the women in this book. From Maxine escaping the disfunction of daily life in books, to Dayna so lonely and longing for affection it leads to destructive behavior only making the pain worse, to Caroline hitting rock bottom and climbing out of addiction and a mental health breakdown. While attempting  to try and find who she is and what living is all about. I enjoyed the pace of the book and the imagery. I'd give it 4/5 stars.

What made me want to read this book, was the author Alexander Williams. I was scrolling through Facebook one day looking for stuff to share on my business page, when I came across a post by a young man telling his story and promoting his book. Years ago while struggling with homelessness he was inspired to focus his unfortunate situation and emotional journey into something of importance. His dire circumstances inspired this tale, and Instead of waiting around for a publisher or dealing with the rejection he shot for his dreams and self-published.

I love it when people just jump right in and go for it. Unfortunately, self-published authors aren't always given the recognition they deserve. I bought the ebook as a small way to show support. I was pleasantly surprised that I not only loved the book, but after I posted a review on Goodreads the Author himself thanked me, and after we got to talking he asked if I could design a t-shirt for his book. I must admit as reading the book I was already brainstorming designs lol so of course I happily agreed. He’s not only a promising young author but he really goes the extra mile to connect with his fans. If you would like to show support by purchasing the book it's available on Amazon, with an impressive 4.9/5 star review.

I’ve included a preview and if you're already a fan the T-shirt is now live in my shop.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. This however has not influenced my endorsement or opinion. Your purchase helps support not only the author but me as an artist. 

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