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Welcome to Starry Meadows 

Hello my name is Misty Angell,

I’d like to take the time and welcome you to my shop. Tell you a little more about us and discuss my vision for the future of Starry Meadows.

Starry Meadows was created as a way to inspire my daughters to always reach for their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. Through my life I've often let self doubt, anxiety and depression stop me from reaching higher, being more. Attempting to do anything more than just be. I’ve always taught them that in life you make your own reality. Any vision they have for their future can be made possible through hard work and dedication. I taught them they can be anything, they can have whatever life they imagine they must just believe and strive for it. I’ve taught them this through words not so much as actions, and through that I’ve been failing them.  I’ve always dreamed of a bigger life for my family one in which that inspires them. One where my husband doesn’t have the sole burden of supporting us. Yet I always had excuses, the time was never right, or I’d tell myself when the children are older I’ll have more time. I honestly got sick of hearing the sound of myself. I talk big talk but I dare not risk walking the walk for I may stumble. The fear of stumbling has always stopped me. So one day I woke up and realized there’s no more time to wait. Whatever it is, I need to do, I need to do it and so was born Starry Meadows. The name is a sort of mashup of my daughters names Charisma(who we call Chari), Stella, and my littlest and loudest Meadow. I wasn’t quite sure at first of what Starry Meadows would be I’d put random designs on clothing with no clear vision. Until one night I was laying in bed racking my brain and bam, Books! 

Books are probably the easiest form of inspiration for me, they’re the one constant in our ever evolving world. No matter how advanced we’ve become as a society there is still nothing like a good book, paper and binding. Being able to get lost in others worlds, transported and wisked away, and with that I had vision and inspiration. I’ve been pouring out designs and building my site ever since.

I want to make Starry Meadows unique and more than just another bookish shop. I want it to not just succeed, I want to build a community and that’s the trouble I’m currently facing, my lack of social skills translate beautifuly online. Social anxiety, coupled with depression always in the back of my mind telling me I'm a failure and no one will ever like anything I do, afraid of sharing to much, because whats the point, I’m worthless and untalented those words echo and make it really hard to build a following on social media, or to drive traffic to my site, writing ads and anything really is a struggle, but for the first time in my life I'm not giving up.

The future I see for Starry Meadows, is something of substance, I hope to be able to intergrate guest posts, a blog, of course a larger more well rounded selection of products, with reviews and I’d love to see photos of my designs, my merchandise tagged and uploaded everywhere, because as Starry Meadows was born as a way to inspire my children and myself. It’s also about you. it’s only going to grow with your involvement and with your help it can be shaped into not just another bookish shop but into a bibliophile community of sorts.  So please, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, email us, tag us, make suggestions, and reach out. This is only the beginning. Together, hopefully  we can create something great ,  

               With Much Thanks and Humble Regards , Misty Angell 

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