Game of Thrones Finale 🤬

My thoughts on the Game of Thrones Finale(spoilers) well 🤬 this emoji sums it up well, lol😂 No but seriously. Game of Thrones is probably the most epic, amazing piece of Television ever to exist. Every season has continued to get better and better. It’s shock, it’s awe-inspiring, heartbreaking, and just beautiful.

(But) idk some people feel it really lost traction after season 6 when the seasons were cut short. Do I agree? Well, somewhat. I actually enjoyed the faster pace of season 7, and I was really loving season 8 for possibly the first few episodes. I wanted more of an in-depth White Walker storyline, but Arya being the one to end the Night King, that was perfect.

The foreshadowing for Daenerys’ “Mad Queen” turn, was vague, I mean yeah she killed, burned, & tortured and made grand speeches about killing, torturing and burning cities to ash, but we all cheered 👀😂 I know I did, she was always amazing, and she had this deep desire not just for power but to right the wrongs of those in power, free the innocent. I understand the foreshadowing, I understand that every time a Targaryen is born the gods flip a coin, generations of inbreeding, madness in the genes, it was inevitable, but I wanted a more natural progression, not just hints. The whole relationship between her and Jon felt rushed. I didn’t really believe the epic love they shared, not until the end and that scene was one of the best of the episode.

The final episode wasn’t bad it wasn’t, it was just eh. It wasn’t in the style of the previous seasons. It felt more like a season finale, than a series finale. For any other show it would have been a great episode, but for Game of F*cking Thrones, No! it wasn’t great! I mean if you were a mega Stark lover than maybe but for the majority of fans, it was utterly disappointing. I was expecting twists, turns, shock, tears, screaming at the screen, heart-pounding excitement. What I got, eh.

I felt at times I was watching a parody. I kept expecting someone to wake up, and this episode was just a lame dream sequence. Was Bran being named King supposed to be a huge ‘wow’ moment? It was a ‘wow’ moment, a wow, wtf kinda moment. Bran has literally done nothing, but divulge apparently useless knowledge of Jon’s Parentage. I mean wtf Jon being Fire & Ice, Stark & Targaryen had no point(wtf). He was brought back from the dead for what? To kill Daenerys? That’s it? & after everything, he’s back to basically being a bastard, WTF.

The thing about Game of Thrones I always loved, was nothing happened for no reason, each death led to an important part of the overall story, the story’s this season the “loose ends” being tied up felt like a completely different story. Everything leading up to it was for nothing.

The Wheel being broken? Really? It was not broken, ok so bloodlines no longer have claim, but we’ve watched for years, bloodlines really weren’t that big of factor, it’s a “game” that’s literally the title, and it will remain as such, I mean look at the new counsel Bronn, I’m sorry people like him yeah, he’s funny but seriously he doesn’t care about the people, the man has had little use since season 6, I don’t really care he got his castle. Sorry, not sorry.

Sansa being Queen of the north.... ok great good for her? Arya exploring the world ok..... I’d watch that spin-off, but no, all the spin-offs being “talked” about are prequels predating the series by hundreds, if not thousands of years. I expected so much more everyone did.

Are only hope is the books will be finished one day, but even that is iffy. Its been over 10 years and still no conclusion. I keep seeing people online defending the ending and I’m curious how big of fans were these people defending it 👀 Fans are not upset because we didn’t get a happy ending for the characters we loved, I for one would have been happier if everyone got murdered by the White Walkers lol there’s actually a meme going around about that it’s very popular and has many likes

(much better ending)


I’m not bashing the actors and crew, the cinematography was beautiful, the acting was great 👍 they did a hell of a job with the crap they had to work with. I’m upset because what I watched, what millions of us watched was not The same show we fell in love with.

The overall message was you can’t change your stars? The character progression, was for nothing. Everyone ended up how they started, Missandei died in chains. Jamie went back to Cersei. The Hound died in fire, ok that was cool 👏 Jon’s still a bastard, the Starks may be leaders and “won” but they’re alone. The least qualified people are in charge because it’s all about who you know.

Maybe I’d be happy with the ending if the show took the time to take us on this journey. But it didn’t it rushed it. Here’s  the ending I was hoping for Daenerys died but in the afterlife was reunited with Khal Drago, her son and her dragons , Jaime killed Cersei, Jon Almost became King but sacrificed his life for those he loved, the White Walkers turned out to be more than shock value and had a huge plot twist that no one was expecting. Bran did something badass with his powers. Many died, few survived, and some epic shit happened and at the last moment of the episode everyone was like Wow that was the whole point all along and it was an epic conclusion to an epic show.

Instead we got the book A Song of Ice & Fire being brought out, like a cheesy moment from a Disney movie, & Jon finally got reunited with his dire wolf, ok sweet but very wtf, was that supposed to make everything worth it. We’re we being trolled? Wtf, we got a Disney ending. We got a Mother F*cking Disney Ending! Wtf 😂 & the Troll award goes to D&D 😐😱🤬  I’ll still rewatch it, maybe after 3 or 4 rewatches I’ll be ok with how it ended. Maybe, maybe the books will finally come out and it will make everything ok again, maybe this is just the beginning and there will be many books, graphic novels, movies, shows and this wasn’t the end only the birth of something legendary. I sure hope so, because right now I just feel used 👀

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