Annabel Lee Art Print

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Annabel Lee Art Print-

“It was many and many a year ago, 

In a kingdom by the sea, 

That a maiden there lived whom you may know 

By the name of Annabel Lee;” Edgar Allan Poe

The poem Annabel Lee was inspired by Poe’s wife Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe, who died tragically young. This original design was created to visualize Poe’s emotions of loss and love. Reimagined as doodles in a notebook, to represent youths innocence, and longing.

5inx7in premium quality print

120lb Silk Cover - Between a gloss and a matt- slight sheen without having that mirror-like shine of a full gloss this card stock offers incredible uniformity and thanks to its premium coated surface, it is ideal for clarity, detail, and intense colors.

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